Book - Shoulder Health: Postoperative and Preventive Orthopedic Programs

‘Shoulder Health’ is a fully-illustrated handbook to help people recover from shoulder injuries to their fullest potential during and/or after physical therapy has ended. In addition, it is to help motivated people maintain and preserve shoulder wellness and upper extremity function.

The book expands on the concept of preventive orthopedics and promotes a healthy and pain free lifestyle. It is laid out in an easy-to-use manner, allowing people to look at the book while doing their exercises.

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Paperback - Shoulder Health: Postoperative and Preventive Orthopedic Program

The amount of free time we have in our world is shrinking. The people in the developed world spend more time sitting than ever, and a sedentary lifestyle is hard to avoid. The global number of people suffering from chronic musculoskeletal conditions is astounding and ever-growing. There is no time to be suffering with joint pain and not functioning like your best self.

Exercise has been shown to be quite beneficial for the body, mind and soul. Incorporate a daily exercise routine into your lifestyle to: increase energy, combat chronic medical conditions, promote productivity, elevate mood, stay active, experience less falls and lengthen life. The safe, simple and effective musculoskeletal-health activities and controlled exercise programs in this book help you attain, regain, maintain and preserve a healthy musculoskeletal system. Use this book to diminish joint pain and prevent pain from becoming chronic. Less pain leads to less opioid usage and staying active diminishes obesity. Active people live longer and can enjoy the everyday activities that bring them happiness and joy. At Pop-doc, we are ‘Making the Move to Better Joint Health’. Heathier Joints Make Happier People!

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