POP-DOC.com was inspired by the postoperative patient, who at times does not know good, useful, efficient and comprehensive exercises to help them recover to their fullest potential during physical therapy and/or after physical therapy has ended. POP-DOC.com expands on the concept of preventive orthopedics and promotes a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. The website will help motivated people maintain joint function. Pop-Doc.com is presented in an easy-to-use manner, allowing the user to look at the website while doing the exercises. Before doing any of the exercises on this website, please check with your physician.

POP-DOC.com is a useful tool for physical therapists to help their patients get more out of therapy; the program can also help orthopedic surgeons gain better patient outcomes post-surgery. Our goal is to help people get back to enjoying their everyday lives.

We believe that with a proper diet and exercise, in accordance with the guidelines of the American Heart Association, our joints and extremities can continue to function at a high level despite the demanding, busy lives we live. Through motivation, desire, and education, people can take more responsibility for the preservation of their bodies and minds. This empowers people to focus on the things in life that truly make them happy.

POP-DOC.com was created to assist people in their quest for healthy joints and pain-free living. With a comprehensive regimen that brings joint knowledge and preservation to the forefront, POP-DOC.com allows people to focus on other aspects of their lives. With a little motivation and determination, your efforts will pay off and your joints will be restored, maintained, and protected.