Partnering with offers comprehensive Partner Programs designed to meet the needs of a wide range organizations including the following: is a valuable resource for your organizations' members and employees. If health and wellness is part of your mission, is a powerful resource for attaining, maintaining and preserving joint health for your employees and/or your members. It is also a comprehensive preventive orthopedic programs that can lessen the likelihood of joint injury. is a powerful resource for educational institutions and teachers. If your institution, its physical educational department or teachers would like to help students develop joint health awareness and simple, efficient musculoskeletal fitness programs is a great starting point for developing life-long joint health activities and exercises. These are joint health activities for the classroom, physical education class, and/or sports teams. In addition, this software program can be offered to all enrolled students as a means to exercise and keep their joints healthy on their own time and at a place of their choice. Often traveling to a gym or recreation center may be difficult and time-consuming.

The scientific evidence is clear: exercise and smart-activity participation, alters the course of nearly all chronic diseases, reduces fatigue, and improves a person's outlook while diminishing joint pain. Practicing preventive orthopedics reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injury. It means is a smart and effective tool for reducing the cost of claims while improving the quality of life for your members. In addition, it can track your member use of the system in order to ascertain their commitment to regain, attain, maintain and preserve healthy joint function through exercising. can helps hospitals and the professional providers who work in them keep the musculoskeletal system of their patients functioning well. Whether the patient suffers from a chronic disease, or those who are unable to move from their bed or couch due to fatigue from medications or treatments, the software platform helps keep joints mobile and active. It provides your healthcare professional with a comprehensive range of exercise groups from which they can select specific exercises for each patient to perform in order to regain, attain, maintain and or preserve healthy joints function.

Let streamline musculoskeletal activities to the patients under the care of professionals in a busy faculty practice. The software program makes more efficient use of the time that doctors and rehabilitative professionals (orthopedists, physiatrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, pulmonary therapists, cardiac therapists, and other rehabilitation therapists) spend with their patients. It allows them to care for the healthy parts their patients' as well as for the illness for which they are admitted.


  • Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Physiatrists
  • Gerontologists
  • Rheumatologists
  • Pediatricians
  • Occupational Physicians
  • Physical and Rehabilitation Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Licensed Nurse Practitioners and Others Healthcare Practitioners and Practices

As a Partner you can extend care of your patients into the homes, offices and other environments of your patients. It provides access to our Exclusive Database containing 700 exercise groups (EG) from which you may select the appropriate EGs for your patient's particular circumstances. Each EG includes easy-to-follow instructions and detailed photographs for every step in prescribed exercises. It also provides an option for qualified professionals to custom-design EGs for patients who may have special needs. Furthermore, Partners who choose to may monitor their patient's compliance with his or her particular EGs.

If you believe your patients can benefit from performing additional exercise sessions, you should become a Pop-Doc Partner. Under your care and guidance, Pop-Doc can help you help them achieve faster and better results by enabling them to perform more exercises when their insurance company does not allow as many sessions as you feel your patient requires.

Insurance Companies achieve cost containment and focus on loss prevention with the use of the exercise software platform. Injured workers achieve quicker returns to work, and better, more complete recoveries when using the exercise platform offered by In addition to limiting loss from injury or illness, tracks your insured's use of the system in order to ascertain their commitment to regain, attain, maintain and preserve healthy joint function. As many insurance carriers already know, the scientific evidence is clear: exercise and smart-activity participation alters the course of nearly all chronic diseases. is a smart and effective tool for insurance companies like yours and it's even better for your insured. Our self-service, on-demand system delivers savings and improves outcomes. can help Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities work with their residents to attain, maintain and or preserve healthy functioning of their joints while reducing the likelihood of injury. For residents who are bed bound or have limited mobility, facility personnel can select exercises that are easy to perform and provide important motion, stretching and flexibility activities for the joints and muscles that are underused. Performing these exercises may improve outlook, reduce fatigue and provide a sense of involvement for the residents who participate in the exercise program. Usage of the software program will keep residents and members as independent as possible.


  • Athletic Trainers
  • Athletic Directors
  • Personal Trainers
  • Coaches

Competitive teams are more successful when their top players remain healthy and all team members are functioning well. As a Partner you have access to one of the most valuable resources for use in Preventive Orthopedics: our exclusive database containing over 700 Exercise Groups (EG). Each EG includes easy-to-follow instructions and detailed photographs that assures technical precision in every exercise. In addition, it provides an option for a qualified professional to custom design an EG for athletes who may have special needs. Partners can monitor and track the athlete's compliance with his or her particular EG.

The practice of Preventive Orthopedics can lower the incidence: and severity of many types of Musculoskeletal injuries for both professional and recreational athletes, and others involved in physical activity for work or pleasure. If an injury does occur, research has shown that performing appropriate exercises can result in a faster, more complete recovery and return to competition, work or school.

The time has come for every athlete to become involved in practicing Preventive Orthopedics. As a leader of your team(s) you can make it happen. helps Union Workers remain at work and on the job. The exercise programs offered at are easy to use, and provide a great start for active, high-demand workers. The mobile home exercise programs help union workers attain, maintain and or preserve healthy joint function, while reducing the likelihood of injury. Performing these exercises will reduce fatigue and keep people at work for longer.

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