Pop-Doc Flexibility Exercise Package Subscriptions

Make the Move to Better Joint Health and subscribe to the Pop-Doc Exercise Packages. We offer a variety of impactful and useful monthly packages. By paying a low monthly subscription, you have unlimited usage of appropriate joint-health activities and controlled exercises at your fingertips. Access them almost anywhere, anytime. All packages are tailored to your specific musculoskeletal needs and let you continue living an active lifestyle, with less pain. Choose from any five (5) interchangeable Exercise Groupings, or pick from one of the innovative packages that our expert staff has carefully chosen and prepared. Healthier Joints Make Happier People!

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5 Exercise Groupings


5 Exercise Groupings

Choose up to any 5 Exercise Groupings. They may be changed at any time. These variable options put you in more control of your own joint health and meet your needs and desires.

After you checkout you will have the opportunity to choose your Exercise Groupings.

Bodily Flexibility Plan


16 Exercise Groupings

This plan has the joint-health activities and controlled exercises to empower you to regain or maintain bodily Flexibility (pliability) in the muscles of your body. With increased muscular and joint flexibility, your joints will be better protected and more resistant to failure during an active lifestyle, and will let you do the things that make you happy.

Bodily Preservation Plan


14 Exercise Groupings

This is the perfect plan for those aged 60 and over who desire prolonged independence and to feel less pain. These are specifically tailored for those more comfortable exercising in a seated position (except for the balance and advanced Groupings). All of these Exercise Groupings allow you to continue your daily routines and stay social and independent.

Optimal Wellness Plan


107 Exercise Groupings

This extensive package gives you the most flexibility and options that meet you where you are. Choose from 107 different Exercise Groupings, keeping your Pop-doc activities new and interesting each time. This package is designed to motivate you to feel good and function well, and have less pain.


* All cancellations will be processed at the end of your current monthly term. No partial refunds will be given.