For Strengthening: Household items may be used in place of traditional weights

Exercises should be done with nothing in your hand. Once you have full motion and good control, you may add a comfortable weight. This will help achieve strength, tone, conditioning, and endurance.

Stretching/motion aids - Broom, mop, cane, umbrella, rake handle, shovel handle, sport accessories (golf club, tennis racquet, ski pole, hockey stick, baseball bat, lacrosse stick), etc.

Weights - Small, medium, or large soup cans, small, medium, or large water (or any drink) bottles, casserole and/or sauce pans, small, medium, or large books, plates, etc.

While performing home exercises the following is recommended:

  1. Breathe slowly and evenly.
  2. Do not make abrupt or fast movements with the extremity;
    move slowly and at an even pace.
  3. Maintain good posture and abide by the written technique.
  4. Focus and think about what the exercise is supposed to achieve.