This website focuses on:

1 Toning

working the muscle to make it firmer, with an increased ability to protect a joint during the micro-trauma of life.

2 Conditioning

working the muscle to endure daily repetitive tasks without fatigue or risk of damage to a joint.

3 Proprioception

the sense of awareness of a joint or position of the body in space in relation to other parts of the body; allows for spontaneous yet specifically-directed, voluntary motion

4 Stretching

a motion activity that lengthens the muscle and tendon and increases pliability; increases resistance to traumatic failure

5 Strengthening

Increasing the quality of muscle fibers so they can create more force

6 Endurance

The ability to maintain similar muscle work over a period of time; appropriate conditioning leads to better endurance

7 Flexibility

The ability for the muscles, tendons and ligaments to lengthen without reaching the point of tearing or becoming overstretched